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Celebrities You Don't Want to See Get Older

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Everyone has celebrities that they love. Those famous men and women whom you've connected to with one or two particular films, albums, or television shows, and who will never age (in your mind, at least). Unfortunately, the ragged passing of time stops for no one, and those celebrities you love are all getting a little older, and gaining a few new gray hairs. Sure, actors like Bill Murray may still be at the top of their game and Helen Mirren is rocking senior citizenship. But that doesn’t mean that anyone wants to see Bill showing up in Ghostbusters 5, using a walker and an oxygen tank. We know you don’t want to think about it, but steel yourself and check out this list of the people you don't want to see age.

The worst part about noticing that your favorite celebrities are beginning to age is that it means that you too are slowly beginning your descent into the nursing home. As much as you may want to fight it, you can’t, so you might as well start living it up now. And if these celebrities who are really getting up there bother you, you can always relive their youngest moments again and again through their films. That way, Tom Hanks can always be the boyish accidental spy with one red shoe, and Winona Ryder can always be that gothed out teen, trying to make the world her dark room.

Vote up the celebrities whose aging makes you sad, and feel free to add any aging celebrities that you can think of to this list.