Celebrities You Feel Like You Know

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Vote up the stars you're basically already friends with.

Everyone has a favorite celebrity who they think just gets them. You know, those celebrities you feel like you know. Whether it’s because you’ve watched every episode of their TV show, or just because they come across as really cool in interviews, relatable celebrities are the best kind of stars. For every 20 celebs who tow the line, there’s always a Jennifer Lawrence or an Aziz Ansari who has no problem telling it like it is. If you’re having trouble thinking of famous people who are relatable, just read through this list of famous people to meet your new best friends.

When you feel like you know a celebrity, you automatically become more than a fan. You cheer for their highest highs, and feel their lowest lows. Maybe you’ve been watching them since they were an awkward teen, and making movies that spoke just to you. Or maybe your favorite celebrity followed you back on Twitter. The celebrities on this list are the famous folks who you feel like you could get a drink with, or talk about your favorite movie with -- without feeling like a total weirdo.

Vote up the celebrities you feel like you could know -- whether it's because they are transparent on social media, friendly in interviews, or you watched them grow up through an awkward phase; in short, they just seem like you could be friends with them. And if you don’t feel like you could hang with any of these celebs, add the stars who you think you could hang with.

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