Celebrities You'd Want To Go To Vegas With

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Vote up the celebrities who would make the most fun gambling partners.

While Las Vegas is certainly not for everybody, when you go with the right people, especially a well-connected celebrity, prepare for a night like you never imagined. In a city where gambling, drinking, and clubbing are encouraged, celebrities you'd take to Vegas need to be able to handle themselves, but also be loose enough to enjoy the glitz and grime of the Gambling Capital of the World. Choosing the celebrities you want to go to Vegas with all depends on you. Like a choosing a Las Vegas casino, choosing your celebrity Sin City partner directly corresponds to your drink intake limits and how prone you are to gambling addiction.

Do you want to pop bottles at a Vegas nightclub with Justin Bieber and Drake? Or do you want to get wasted with Paris Hilton, perhaps even take it a step further and roll with Diplo behind the turntables? You can always experiment with drugs back in the hotel room with funny men Seth Rogen, Donald Glover, and Michael Cera. Or maybe a Vegas native like Brandon Flowers would make the best partner on the strip. Vote for the famous people you'd like to party with in Las Vegas. Feel free to add other celebrities you'd take to Vegas who are missing from this list and vote down the celebs most likely to ruin your night in Sin City