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Celebrities You Would Not Want as a Stepdad

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List RulesAssume your dad is out of the picture - which celebrities would you NOT want your mom to bring into the family? Ages should be 45+.

The worst celebrity stepdads are listed here, including famous people from Hollywood, CA to Washington, D.C. This list is made up of fathers, stepfathers, deadbeat dads, or people who do not and should not have children, let alone be YOUR stepdad. Many of them are famous actors, and yet you would probably not want these guys acting as your stepfather. All you need to do is listen to voicemails left by both Mel Gibson and Alec Baldwin to know they wouldn't be the best dads to have around at the Thanksgiving table.

The celebrities you wouldn't want as a stepfather include sext-addicted politicians like Anthony Weiner, shameful reality show stars like Donald Trump, and big meanies like Sean Penn and Mike Tyson. The worst potential celebrity stepfathers also include infamous baby daddies like Flavor Flav and Eddie Murphy as well as comic actor Fred Armisen, who has even admitted that he is both a "bad husband" and a "bad boyfriend."

Upvote the celebrity men you would least want to become your mom's second husband, or add any stepfather celebrities you think would make for a miserable step-family dynamic.