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You're Going To Have A Hard Time Believing These Celebrities Are Younger Than Tom Cruise

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Tom Cruise is a larger-than-life Hollywood institution, so are surprising Tom Cruise facts even really surprising anymore? The action hero has starred in some major blockbuster hits, from his breakthrough role in Risky Business to leading the Mission: Impossible series. Some of the actor's films are better than others (The Mummy comes to mind), but you can't deny his talent. He even does tons of his own stunts.

Despite his success, Tom Cruise's lifestyle isn't without controversy. He's a devout Scientologist with rumors circulating of a contract marriage to Katy Holmes. There was also that insane time he jumped up on a couch on Oprah. Oh yeah, and he might actually be an ageless vampire who is simply claiming he was born on July 3, 1962.

Tom Cruise does not age – that's a fact. There are a wealth of celebrities who are younger than Tom Cruise that you'd swear were lying about their age. Seriously, how old is Tom Cruise anyway? From co-stars like Mike Myers to fellow action heroes like Nicholas Cage and Russell Crowe, here are a handful of the stars who are secretly younger than Tom Cruise.

  • The Meet The Fockers and Zoolander star fought prostate cancer and won. Maybe it's his life experience than makes him seem older than Tom Cruise, when the truth is he's about four years younger.

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    • Hard living might have contributed to Johnny Depp's rapid aging. It's extremely difficult to believe he's almost two years younger than Tom Cruise.

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        Hugh Jackman appears well into his middle age, particularly in grizzled roles like the titular mutant in Logan. It turns out the star is almost seven years younger than Tom Cruise. How did this happen?

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          In what world is Ben Affleck is a decade younger than Tom Cruise? Apparently, Earth. Mind equals blown.

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