Tone Deaf Things Celebrities Tweeted on 9/11 Anniversaries

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It’s impossible to put into words all the ways that the events of September 11th, 2001 changed the lives of Americans. Some people, like renowned author Colson Whitehead, have elegantly described the ennui and anxiety that have permeated our lives since the attack. However, other celebrities aren’t quite as eloquent. Every September, insensitive celebrity 9/11 tweets pour down on social media rain during a hurricane, and there’s nothing that we can do to stop it. 9/11 tweet fails are a special kind of nightmare. Some tweets are nothing more than tasteless, shameless plugs, some of them simply miss the point, and others are just incredibly inappropriate. These are the most tone deaf celebrities who tweeted on 9/11.

There’s no right way to respond to tragedy, especially one as monumental as the attacks on September 11th, but there’s definitely a wrong way to pay your respects to the victims of such a horrific event. These celebrity 9/11 tweets are full of low-key advertisements, xenophobia, and in the case of Donald Trump, a weirdly aggressive sentiment seemingly directed at no one – or maybe everyone? Do yourself a favor and check out all of the 9/11 celebrity tweets that probably should have gone un-posted.