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Celebrities Who Were Arrested in 2020

Updated January 26, 2021 15.7k views13 items

UPDATED: Check out the celebrities who were arrested in 2021

It can be shocking to find out that a celebrity was recently arrested. Hollywood has a reputation for its excess, and, unfortunately, many of its stars fall victim to illegal activity and end up celebrities in prison. If you’ve ever wondered, “What celebrity got arrested today?” then this list is for you. 

Driving under the influence, assault, disorderly conduct, and stories of more horrible celebrity crimes can land even the biggest celebrities in jail. And once they're there, celebrity jail photos and recent celebrity arrests get lots of clicks. The famous people in prison is certainly the more negative side of celebrity news 2020. 

In 2020, who went to prison even though they're rich and famous? What big celebrity arrests in 2020 stole the headlines, and who are the big celebrities who went to jail?

Stories of celebrities recently arrested quickly fade once a new scandal hits the headlines. Every celebrity in jail of 2020 is documented below. And, if you're curious if any of these celebs are repeat offenders, check out this list of celebrity arrests of 2019.

  • On the morning of March 26th, UFC light heavyweight champion Jon Jones was arrested in New Mexico for driving while intoxicated, as well as a gun charge. TMZ reported that police responded to reports of gunfire in Albuquerque at 1AM to find Jones inside a parked vehicle, seemingly intoxicated.

    Upon a failed field sobriety test and two breathalyzer tests that both registered over the legal blood-alcohol limit, the vehicle was searched to reveal that it contained a handgun and a half empty bottle of tequila. Jones was then booked for the open container in addition to the DWI charge and the negligent use of a deadly weapon. 

  • Photo: Jayel Aheram / Wikimedia Commons / CC BY 2.0

    Black Hawk Down and Saving Private Ryan actor Tom Sizemore was arrested on January 24 for driving under the influence and for possession of a controlled substance.

    This is almost one year after Sizemore was arrested on drug charges after a traffic violation. The actor was also charged with domestic violence back in 2016 and 2003.

  • Sam Waterston, costar of Jane Fonda on Grace and Frankie, joined Joaquin Phoenix and Martin Sheen in being arrested at Fonda's climate change protest on January 10th. 

    This is Waterson's second arrest at Fonda's weekly series of events called Fire Drill Fridays. His first occurred in October when he and others blocked a street during the protest, which they did again in January. Waterston was put in zip tie handcuffs and led away as a result.

    The US Capitol Police confirmed that the charges for those arrested were "Crowding, Obstructing, or Incommoding,” but did not specify further with regards to individuals. Either way, Phoenix, Sheen, and Waterston were processed on site and released quickly afterwards.

  • Martin Sheen was among the many arrested at Jane Fonda's January 10th Fire Drill Friday event. While protesting lawmakers' response to climate change, Sheen was arrested for "crowding, obstructing or incommoding" - as per a statement by the US Capitol Police. 

    Sheen gave a rousing speech on consciousness and civic duty, ending with the lines, "We are pulled to find something in our lives worth fighting for... let our country awake!"

    He joins celebrities Joaquin Phoenix, Ted Danson, Sally Field, and Jane Fonda herself along with numerous others in the long list of arrests made at this ongoing protest, which has been held weekly since October of 2019. Both he and Phoenix were processed on site and released quickly after their arrests.