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Celebrities Who Were Arrested In 2021

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You may find the celebrities recently arrested to be surprising. Hollywood has a reputation for its excess, and, unfortunately, many of its stars fall victim to illegal activity and end up celebrities in prison. If you’ve ever wondered, “What celebrity or actor got arrested today?” then this list is for you. 

Driving under the influence, assault, disorderly conduct, and stories of more horrible celebrity crimes can land even the biggest celebrities in jail. And once they're there, celebrity jail photos and recent celebrity arrests get lots of clicks. The famous people in prison is certainly the more negative side of celebrity news 2021. Trey Songz is one of the first celebrities arrested in 2021. He was brought in after a struggle with a cop at the Kansas City Chiefs game that earned them a spot in the Super Bowl.  

In 2021, who were the latest celebrity arrests, despite the fact that these people are rich and famous? What big celebrity arrests in 2021 stole the headlines, and who are the big celebrities who went to jail? This list will catalog all of the celebrities in jail right now 2021, or at least who had been to jail in 2021. 

Stories of celebrities recently arrested quickly fade once a new scandal hits the headlines. Every celebrity in jail of 2021 is documented below. And, if you're curious if any of these celebs are repeat offenders, check out this list of celebrity arrests of 2020.

  • Influencer Hayes Grier was arrested in North Carolina on July 30, 2021, following a violent robbery, according to a report from the Mecklenburg County Sheriff's Office. 

    The former Vine star and 2015 Dancing with the Stars contestant was detained in Charlotte, on warrants coming out of Encino, CA, and faces three separate charges: felony conspiracy, common law robbery, and assault causing serious bodily injury. Grier is accused of assaulting William Markolf and stealing his $1,200 phone. According to warrants obtained by TMZ, the alleged attack left Markolf with what Charlotte police described as serious injuries, including brain damage. He also reportedly suffered a broken left orbital bone, bruised ribs, head trauma, and hearing loss. 

    Grier was released after posting the $17,500 bond. 

  • Photo: Tibrina Hobson / Getty Images

    Andy Dick was arrested for assault with a deadly weapon on June 26, 2021, the LAPD confirmed. 

    Elisa Jordana spoke about the situation on her YouTube Show, Kermit and Friends. She said he assaulted his lover, Lucas, with a metal chair. 

    Dick reportedly made his $50k bail and was released on June 29, 2021.

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  • Photo: Lakers / Instagram

    Lakers guard Alex Caruso was arrested on June 22, 2021, for possession of marijuana and drug paraphernalia, Texas A&M police reported. 

    Caruso had been trying to board a flight at Easterwood Airport in College Station, TX, when the Transportation and Security Administration searched his bags and found an herb grinder that contained weed. He was reportedly arrested for possession of less than 2 ounces of the drug. Caruso was released after posting bond. 

  • Photo: worldstarhiphop / YouTube

    Rapper Polo G was arrested on June 12, 2021, for allegedly attacking police officers following his album party in Miami. He was charged with battery on a police officer, resisting arrest with violence, criminal mischief, and two other counts.

    The rapper - whose real name is Taurus Bartlett - was reportedly pulled over by cops, for no known reason, and then when an officer attempted to handcuff him, Polo G reportedly struck him several times. Another officer ordered all of the passengers out of the car so he could pat them down for guns. He was released hours later when his mom paid the bond for him, and everyone else who was in the car who had been arrested. 

    Polo G later tweeted about the incident, “They playin foul in Miami & dat sh-t been like that for a minute."

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