Celebrities Who Identify as Atheists

Celebrity atheists include some of the biggest names in entertainment and pop culture who do not believe in a higher power. This is a list of famous people who are atheists, with photos, that is regularly updated as new celebrities choose atheism.

Who are the most famous celebrity atheists? There are hundreds of famous Hollywood atheists from TV, film, radio, and the theater. Some notable atheists on this list have either come out with or mentioned their atheism in public, like atheist comedian Ricky Gervais, and others are just known for a lack of a belief in God.

Celebrity atheism seems to be more prominent with the show-business set than in middle America. Academy Award winner Joaquin Phoenix is also an atheist. He and late brother River Phoenix were actually born into a cult, which likely led to The Joker star's current decision to refrain from organized religion. 

Keira Knightley is one of the atheist actresses on the list, while Keanu Reeves is another of the well-known atheist celebs. Did any of these atheist stars surprise you? 

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