Celebrities Who Have Been in Bar Fights

Alcohol and crowds seem to be a potent recipe for violence. Countless incidents break out in bars worldwide, fueled by overindulgence and overexcitement. Perhaps it's not surprising that popular actors, actresses, and musicians have been caught in famous bar fights. Some incidents involved celebrities fighting each other, while other brawls involved locals. Many celebrity fist fights stemmed from drinking too much and partying too hard.

The most famous – or infamous – celebrity caught in a bar fight is likely Lindsay Lohan. In 2013, the starlet was arrested after being caught in an altercation in New York City. The charges were eventually dropped after a witness refused to cooperate with police. Paris Hilton got into a fight with Shanna Moakler in 2006, sparked by Moakler's anger at the heiress for hooking up with her ex-husband, Travis Barker. Both women filed police reports, but further details weren't revealed.

Several famous men have also been in bar fights. While on location filming Domestic Disturbance in 2001, Steve Buscemi was actually stabbed in a bar fight with locals. The incident concluded with his co-star Vince Vaughn being arrested. Johnny Knoxville also has the dubious honor of having been stabbed in a bar fight – and like a true Jackass star, he ordered another drink before leaving for the hospital.

What other celebrities have been in barroom brawls? Some of the stars on this list may surprise you.