Unspeakable Times

A Professional Basketball Player Was Catfished By A Woman Who Hadn't Left The House In 12 Years

There have been many shocking stories told on the hit TV show Catfish, but one of the craziest of them all was the Chris Andersen catfishing scandal. It's not often that we hear stories about celebrities whose lives were ruined by catfishing, but this one was all over the news and pretty much ruined Andersen's career

Still, Andersen was no stranger to controversy. In 2006, while playing for the Denver Nuggets, he received a two-year ban from the NBA when it was discovered that he was using drugs. Then, in 2012, Andersen made headlines again for being the target of an investigation concerning crimes against children. As it turned out, Andersen was actually the victim of an elaborate catfishing hoax, and he wasn't even the only victim involved in the scandal. 

So, how does one person go about catfishing two people into thinking that they are in a relationship with one another, all while controlling the conversations between the two and even setting up their dates? There have been many catfishing stories that leave you screaming at your TV wondering how people can be so gullible, but this certainly is not one of those stories. Continue reading to learn more about one of the most bizarre catfishing pranks to have ever taken place.