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Celebrity Celtics Fans

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Be sure to pay attention the next time you're watching a Boston basketball game, as you just might spy some celebrity Celtics fans cheering court side. These famous Boston fans are known for their acting chops, television skills, and fashionable wardrobes, and some celebrities at Celtics games are even professional athletes themselves.

When it comes to the most famous Celtics fan, Boston native Ben Affleck has to top the list. From the Red Sox to the Celtics, Affleck is truly a die-hard Boston fan. His Good Will Hunting co-star and friend Matt Damon has also been spotted among the crowd of celebrities at Celtics games. Damon has been known to talk up his team in interviews and during speeches as well. Comedian and Massachusetts native Dane Cook is another outspoken celebrity Boston Celtics fan.

Boston-born brothers Donnie and Mark Wahlberg often take in a Celtics game together. Mark has even taken it upon himself to wine and dine some of the best players in the NBA in an attempt to get them to join the Celtics. And while you may have expected to see these hometown heroes on the list, the roundup includes plenty of other celebrity Celtics fans that may surprise you.

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