Interesting 10 Revealing Things You Didn't Know About Cleavage On The Red Carpet  

Jacob Shelton
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If you’ve watched an award show in the last two decades, you've probably wondered how stars achieve such amazing cleavage on the red carpet. Are they born with a preternatural ability to make their breasts perfectly fit into a skintight dress? Or are they using some of that Hollywood magic to play up their assets? Effortless appearance aside, perfect celebrity red carpet cleavage is rarely the result of winning the genetic lottery. In fact, that eye-catching look is usually due to the efforts of a hard-working stylist and some careful application of tape to a couture gown.

How do celebrities get into dresses for gala events? Simply put, with plenty of help. Most of them have a team of experts who are highly skilled in making sure they’re zipped in and spilling out in just the right ways. Thanks to a few helpful celebs and some ex-stylists who don’t mind dishing, you’re about to find out all of the red carpet secrets that go into sculpting the perfect cleavage.

Many of the methods on this list are easy to accomplish on a budget, so feel free to try a few of them out the next time you're dressing up for a night out. Just be warned that you might need to experiment with some tape gunk remover. It's a small price to pay to get that celebrity look.

Celebs Become Friends With Their Tailors

Rather than covering your body in tape or layering on makeup, consider simply constructing your dress differently. Rhianna's stylist, Mel Ottenberg, has one piece of advice: “Know your tailor.” An expert will know how to tuck and trim fabric to best flatter your unique figure.

Stars Use Contouring Make Up To Make Their Chests Pop

There are plenty of ways to contour your chest to give it the look of perfect cleavage. This method uses a combination of spray tan and makeup to give the illusion of a fuller chest, but that extra effort can achieve believable results. Make sure you remember to moisturize or you could end up with an uncomfortable breakout.

Stylists Might Skip The Double-Sided Tape

You might think that double-sided tape would be the way to create your perfect cleavage, but stylist to the stars Mel Ottenberg insists that you avoid it like the plague. As he told Vogue, “Seeing it come undone is such a gasp moment to me.”  He suggests getting down and dirty if you're going to use tape in your ensemble. "With a really low-cut gown, a vertical strip of duct tape is an old drag queen trick. Duct tape is so strong that sweat, body [heat], or movement will not make it unstick."

Nude Bras Are A Movie Star's Best Friend

It turns out that one of the biggest red carpet cleavage secrets is something incredibly simple. Nude bras, a staple of most women's wardrobes, are go-to pieces for celebs as well. Even mega-star Jennifer Lopez wore one at the launch of her shoe collection in January 2017.