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Celebrity Clipper Fans

Updated June 14, 2019 20.4k views17 items

Celebrity spotting is almost a professional sport in Los Angeles. Luckily, so is basketball, and the two go hand-in-hand at Los Angeles Clipper games. Scan the courtside seats at the Staples Center, and you might see celebrity Clipper fans famed for their contributions to music, film, and even other sports. The city may be divided over its two NBA teams, but both can boast plenty of superstar supporters at their games.

It's hard to say who is the most famous among celebrity Clippers fans, but the title might belong to Rihanna. The "Umbrella" and "Work" singer has been spotted among the celebrities at Clippers games. But When Harry Met Sally star Billy Crystal is arguably the Clippers biggest fan. Besides frequently wearing jerseys and cheering on the team, Crystal also often speaks of his love of the L.A. basketball team in interviews. Sitcom fixture Frankie Muniz is a lifelong fan of the Clippers, and even considered purchasing the team in 2014.

Considering the team's home in the heart of Tinseltown, you'd expect crowds at Clippers games to include more than a few famous faces. But some of the famous Clipper fans featured on this list may surprise you. Read on to discover which celebrities proudly cheer on this basketball team.