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29 Celebrities Who Have Shown Up In Comic Books

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Famous people have made comic book cameos almost as long as comics have been on sale. Comics are a fantastic medium for a lot of things: conveying important morals to kids, spreading the word on big issues, telling larger than life stories, and, of course, creating mutually beneficial publicity for publishers and celebrities.

It was more common back in the Silver Age of comics (Superman has teamed up with everyone), but celebs would try to up their exposure by appearing in the funny pages. Everyone from the cast of SNL to Muhammed Ali showed up for one reason or another. Nowadays, famous people don't appear in comics as often, but it does happen. Barack Obama has teamed up with Spidey, Tim Gunn has worn Iron Man's armor, and Charles Barkley has gone toe-to-toe with Godzilla.

Whatever the reasons for these team-ups, they found superheroes battling alongside recognizable real-life figures. These celebs got the chance to do what every kid dreams of, teaming up with their favorite heroes. These are the celebrities who've appeared in comic books!