13 Crazy Celebrity Conspiracy Theories

Celebrity conspiracy theories are as much a part of the Internet as illegal music downloading, mommy blogs, and Instagram. When you have a culture as obsessed with both famous people and secret plots as ours, you have a natural breeding ground for conspiracy theories involving these famous people. What one person writes on their random site can be transmitted around the world - and once it's out there, even the most insane celebrity conspiracies are always out there.

While there are countless conspiracy theories about celebrities, only a few verge into the realm of the truly crazy. We're not talking about so-and-so faking a scandal, or who had work done. We're talking murder, mayhem, government plots, elaborate fakes, money, sex, time travel, aliens, chemtrails, and of course, the Illuminati. All of it happening in the very heart of the Hollywood entertainment complex, waiting to be discovered by Internet sleuths.

Here are the most far-out, unbelievable, crazy celebrity conspiracy theories.