Older Ladies Who Dated Much Younger Men 

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The word "cougar" used to have such negative connotations. That is, until beautiful female stars proved that dating younger men was not such a bad thing. Famous women who date younger men prove that age really is just a number. It’s not how old you are that counts, especially if you're still successful, rich, and hot like the ladies on this list of celeb cougars. 

If Hollywood's men get to date younger lovers, Hollywood's women should get the same privilege! And this list of famous women and their younger boyfriends shows that, at least in this respect, the sexes are equal. All the couples on this list have at least a 15-year age difference - which is even more amazing when you consider society’s obsession with female youth.

From well-known cougars like Demi Moore to surprises like Katie Couric, we've compiled a list of the awesome ladies who feel confident enough to date much younger men. Who’s the hottest couple? Who’s the strangest? Leave your thoughts in the comments!

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In 2015, 36-year-old Kate Hudson (supposedly) hooked up with 23-year-old former boy band star Nick Jonas. Jonas denied they were dating a few months later, but wouldn't officially deny whether they had indeed banged. He said, "Out of my best effort to respect her and her privacy, I'm not going to say if we had sex or not. But we did have a beautiful connection. Even now I have so much admiration and respect. She's amazing."

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The Murder by Numbers co-stars have since moved onto other romances, but back in 2002, Sandra Bullock and Ryan Gosling were a couple for two years, despite their 16-year age difference.

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Allison Janney is listed (or ranked) 3 on the list Older Ladies Who Dated Much Younger Men
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Despite their 20-year age difference, Emmy Award Winner Allison Janney began seeing Philip Joncas, a production coordinator in the entertainment business, some time in 2014.

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R&B singer Patti LaBelle found love with Eric Seats, the drummer in her band. Despite their 30-year age difference, the couple has actually been dating for several years and finally went public about their romance in 2015.

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