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Celebrity Cowboy Fans

Updated January 20, 2021 16.3k views18 items

Although the football team calls Dallas home, the Cowboys are one of the most popular NFL teams nationwide. Their devoted fans ensure that games at AT&T Stadium stay sold out and that the lone star symbol remains well represented on shirts and signs. And included in that loyal following are some famous Dallas fans. Celebrity Cowboys fans include singers, actors, and even athletes from other professional sports.

The most recognizable figure among celebrity Dallas Cowboy fans once held the highest office in the nation. Former President George W. Bush calls Dallas home, so naturally he supports the Cowboys as well. Desperate Housewives actress Eva Longoria, a fellow Texan, also roots on the Cowboys. Singer Kelly Clarkson is a true Dallas superfan, and even recorded the team's anthem, "Get Up," in 2012. Eminem usually cheers for the Detroit Lions but has been spotted among the celebrities at Cowboys games from time to time. Other famous people who appear on this celebrity Dallas Cowboys fans list include Carrie Underwood, Jamie Foxx, and LeBron James.

As the saying goes, everything's bigger in Texas. That certainly seems to be true of the fanbases. Keep reading to see just how many superstars are proud supporters of the Dallas Cowboys.