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Celebrity Cub Fans

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Plenty of legends have grown up around the Chicago Cubs during the team's 140+ year history, and plenty of legends have attended their games during that time as well. The baseball team counts a number of celebrity Cubs fans among its boosters, including famous Chicago fans from film, music, and even politics. Celebrity Chicago Cubs fans can be thicker than poppy seeds on a Chicago-style hot dog bun.

It's fitting that a former First Lady is first on this list of celebrity Cubs fans. Hillary Clinton grew up in the Chicago suburbs, so naturally she is a longtime Cubs fan. “Once a Cubs fan, always a Cubs fan,” she said back in 2014. She's joined by the likes of Pearl Jam frontman Eddie Vedder, who has often been spotted among celebrities at Cubs games. He even wrote the song “All the Way” in honor of his beloved Cubbies.

Chicago has a reputation as a comedy hotspot, and legends of the scene appear on this list of famous Cub fans. Jim Belushi has been known to frequent Wrigley Field, and Bill Murray has sported Cubs gear at golf tournaments across the country.

Thanks to the star power of these celebrities, Cubs fans might even forget to worry about their team's so-called curses. Who cares about that goat, anyway?