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Celebrity Death Pool 2018

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Welcome to Celebrity Death Pool 2018! In increasingly uncertain times, there remains one constant in life - we all die. Celebrities, for all their glitz and glamour, are not immune to this basic fact of life. Famous people get sick, just like anyone else. Which old celebrities are about to die or are already dying? What near-death celebrities are on your radar this year? Remember, it's not just terminally or seriously ill celebrities that pass. Unexpected accidents and tragedies may add a few younger stars to the list of recent celebrities deaths

A celebrity dead pool list may seem a little morbid, but it is a way to prepare for the inevitability of death. The most famous dead celebrities meant a great deal to the world, which is why so many of us periodically check the news to see who died today. Hollywood deaths, like any other demises, are unavoidable. You may as well ready yourself for potentially shocking news by considering who will be the next to go. 

Which celebrities will die in 2018? And what celeb deaths are most surprising? Which top celebs will end up in the latest headlines due to their untimely passing? Vote on the actors, actresses, and other stars you think will die soon and check for them on the 2019 celebrity death pool as well.