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Celebrity Death Pool 2019

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UPDATED: Check out the celebrity death pool 2020

This is Celebrity Death Pool 2019. There are celebrities who attempt to cheat on their taxes but nobody can cheat the Grim Reaper. There are celebrities that may seem larger than life but age and sickness catches up to everyone at one point or another. Which celebrities do you think might have a timely or untimely passing in 2019? Some celebrities do live a more reckless life style than others so if you have an inkling about celebrities likely to die this year, young or old, be sure to add them to the list. What we know from recent celebrity departures is that they are not soon forgotten. If you think there should be an addition to this celebrity death watch be sure to add them to the list.

The celebrity death pool is a way to prepare for the eventual loss of a celebrity. Despite not knowing all famous people personally, their work, art, songs, and actions have had a meaningful impact on people's lives. Hollywood deaths often immortalize the life of the actor or actress. Look to this list to see who is expected to pass in 2019 and you may be surprised to see who does and who does not.

Vote up the celebrities you think will die in 2019 and check back periodically to see which recent celebrity's demise made the news.