Celebrity Death Pool 2022

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Vote up the celebrities most likely to die in 2022.
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Updated: Check out the celebrity death pool 2023!

Death waits for no one, not even beloved actors, award winners, or musicians. This celebrity death watch list features old celebrities about to die, such as Bob Barker, who is still kicking at 98 years old.

Check out our celebrity death predictions below, and if we’re missing anyone, feel free to add who you think will be the next famous person to die. The celebrity death pool list is a bit morbid, but unfortunately, death is a part of life. That is why we bring you the celebrity death game.

This celebrity death list is purely for those celebrities near death for whatever reason. This death poll is guessing the next famous person to die odds. Art Rupe and Marsha Hunt, could be some of the old celebrities about to die. They are on this list of celebrity death predictions because they are both 104 years old. 

Check out the death pool 2022 below, vote up who you think will be the next celebrity to die in 2022 - or at least one of the next celebrities. Check back to see if your celebrity deaths 2022 predictions have unfortunately come true.

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