Celebrities Who Were Arrested in 2016


As each day is crossed off the calendar, more news about celebrities who were recently arrested pops up online. Whether they were driving drunk, assaulting their loved ones, or simply acting the fool, famous people can not stop getting popped for their over-the-top misdeeds. But as long as they stay in the news then who cares, right? It’s always surprising when you get online and see the news, “celebrity arrested today,” but what’s even more juicy is who the celebrities arrested were. It’s never George Clooney that gets caught in a theater getting up to no good, you know? You might recognize some of these 2016 celebrity arrests as the famous people arrested in 2015, and you better believe there are going to be repeat offenders on this list of celebrities that have been arrested. Let's hope none of them appear again on 2017's list of celebrity arrests

When you think of celebrity current events, award shows are probably the first thing to come to mind. But red carpet events only make up a small portion of the goings on of the rich and famous. And when they’re not walking down a red carpet, it seems like most of them are busy getting arrested. Celebrity arrests are always big news. No matter if the celebrities in jail are young pop stars, or Grammy award winning progressive jazz artists, the thought of famous people in jail is fascinating. You’d think that they’d be able to hire someone to keep them out of trouble, or at least a hot shot PR person to keep their celebrity arrest photos off the Internet. Unfortunately, these celebs aren’t that smooth, and now they’re on this list of the celebrity arrests of 2016. If you want to see who can’t keep their nose clean, see which entertainment icons are featured on our list of celebrities who got arrested in 2015. Or skip ahead and see what celebrities were arrested in 2019.