Celebrity Dodger Fans

Who are the most famous Los Angeles Dodgers fans? To call Dodgers fans dedicated is something of an understatement. The team sells out their stadium every single season, due to their rabid fans. Included in the Dodgers loyal fanbase are some famous faces. Celebrity Dodgers fans include movie stars, musicians, and business moguls, all united by their passion for the Los Angeles Dodgers. Who is the most famous Los Angeles Dodgers fan? Which celeb Dodgers fans do you love to see behind the plate?

The top spot on the list belongs to reality television mainstay Kim Kardashian. In 2007, The Keeping Up with the Kardashians star threw out the first pitch at a game between the Dodgers and the Washington Nationals. Most of the Kardashian clan have been spotted among the celebrities at Dodger games. Also spotted? Actor Danny DeVito, who has been known to cheer, dance, and high-five with fans during especially exciting innings. Rap icon Snoop Dogg sometimes watches the Dodgers play in Los Angeles and also sports the team's hats and jerseys when he performs in concert from time to time.

The next time you're watching a Los Angeles Dodgers game, make sure to keep a close eye on the stands. You never know which of these Dodgers celebrity fans you might spot sporting their Los Angeles Dodgers gear.