Celebrities Who Broke Up But Still Remained Close With Their Exes

When celebrities break up, many diehard fans suffer just as much as the couple. Maybe some famous couples remain close out of consideration for their fans, or though it's probably less common, some celebrity exes stay close for the sake of their children. Other A-listers might just really like to keep in touch. Some of these famous couples never got married but had long-term relationships in the public eye.

Perhaps the benchmark for famous exes who became friends is Bruce Willis and Demi Moore. Remember all those pictures of Willis attending events and even vacationing with Moore when she was with Ashton Kutcher? It was heartwarming to see Willis and Moore put aside their marital differences to maintain the family bond.

It's difficult to acknowledge the dissolution of beautiful celebrity couples, but the fact that they can stay friends gives mere mortals hope for peace and love in our future breakups.