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17 Celebrity Face Cakes That Don't Look Quite Right

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No matter who they are, all celebrities have some defining feature about them (a mole, their weathered good lucks, etc.) that makes them stand out from mere mortals. Putting those remarkable celebrity faces on cakes seems like a questionable idea at best and on this list of celebrity face cakes it's pretty clear that a lot of came out looking a little off. Some the cakes are even pretty well constructed, it’s just that the celebrity images they’re trying to capture don’t really live up to the star. After all, would Oprah have become a household name if her face looked like it was melting? The upside to everyone one of these celebrity cake fails is that someone got to chomp down on a delicious bite of celebrity’s face, and who hasn’t wanted to do that?

It’s rare to find wonderful cakes of celebrities faces. The best representation that one can hope for are those weird print outs that go on top of cakes, but those aren’t as fun as the weird celebrity cakes that are on this list. Even at their worst, the cakes were probably still delicious, and they were all made with love.

Get ready to have your appetite stoked for tasty treats, and A-list celebrity flesh, and check out these celebrity face cakes that don’t quite look right.
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