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Famous Parents And Kids Who Went To The Same College

Updated March 15, 2019 1.4k views24 items

No one's yet discovered a college gene, but some parents do transmit more than eye and hair color to their kids: they also hand down a preference for their alma mater. Many generations of one family have walked the same hallowed halls of a particular college or university, including famous people and their progeny.

Attending the same college isn't surprising. College loyalties are often fierce, and parents might want their kids to have the same higher-ed experience they did. More controversial is the concept of "legacy" admissions - when relatives of alumni get special preferences during the admissions process. That's not necessarily the case with children of famous people, but legacy admissions are more common at colleges considered elite, where notable alumni often end up. And many celebrity college grads don't need a leg up: they are indeed super smart and worthy of admission to top-tier universities. 

The people on this list are famous family members who attended the same college, even if they didn't end up graduating, many of them politicans who attended Ivy League schools, but several actors and actresses, too, and other members of the nation's elite classes.