17 Delicious Celebrity Family Recipes

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Celebrities are known for what they wear, what they do, and who they date. But they aren't always so recognized for their cooking abilities. But after making some of the items on our list of celebrity family recipes, you might just think differently about your fave celeb.

The celebs (and the amazing famous people recipes) on this list give a new name to the title of "celebrity chef." Somewhere in between auditions, rehearsals, and awards shows, these celebs have picked up a few tricks of the cooking trade. Maybe it's from all that time spent with craft services. Or maybe, like Shaq, they just had some amazing grandmas that passed down some family recipes.

It just so happens that Meryl Streep could also win a few awards for her heart cookies, and Beyonce loves her mom's Cajun green bean stir-fry. Turns out we do too! Some of these recipes are as easy pie... literally, like Julia Roberts's fresh peach crisp. Then there's Dean Martin's burgers and bourbon, which is less recipe than life mantra.

Since celebs already inspire our career dreams and fantasy wardrobes, why not let them inspire your taste-buds by checking out our list of recipes from famous people! Vote up the celebrity whose family recipe you'd actually want to try!