24 Celebs Who Love 'Game of Thrones' As Much As You Do

They might get preferential treatment and have red carpets rolled out for them, but celebrities are just like us on Sunday nights: they relax, kick back, brush their teeth... and are glued to their TV sets watching Game of Thrones. These celebrity Game of Thrones fan probably have their own theories about Jon Snow's mother and are all around GoT superfans, just like us. Which celebrities watch Game of Thrones? Lots of them!

Don't believe us? Scroll down and take a look at how celebrities go wild for Westeros. Whether it's Madonna or Kristen Bell dressing up as Daenerys, Elijah Wood visiting the set, or actors rushing the Game of Thrones cast like they were members of One Direction, it's clear that stardom doesn't mean you're immune to Sunday night crack, i.e. Game of Thrones.

So which celebrities who watch Game of Thrones do you think is most obsessed with your favorite television show? You might be surprised! Read on to find out which Hollywood celebs are just as obsessed with the goings on in the Seven Kingdoms as you are!