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Celebrities Who Are Godparents For Their Famous Friends

Recently, Taylor Swift was given the title of godmother to the new son of her pal, actress Jaime King. But what exactly is a godparent in the first place and what the heck makes Taylor Swift qualified to be one? Are there more celebrity godparents to children of other famous people?

The dictionary defines a godparent as "a person who presents a child at baptism and responds on the child's behalf, promising to take responsibility for the child's religious education." Though the term has lost its religious connotations over the years, it still refers to the person who is not only a supportive friend, but also a mentor figure for a child, especially if something ever were to happen to the parents.   

In Hollywood, however, a godparent often has a different definition. The Hollywood godmother or godfather is often a celebrity who lends some credibility to another famous person's potentially famous offspring. Sure, they can be mentors, but famous godparents can also give a celebrity child's upbringing even more star power.

This is a list of some of the big stars who have agreed to be godparents for their famous friends. It's guaranteed to surprise you.