28 Celebrities Who Are Surprisingly Great Tippers

With minimum wage being too low to match the increased cost of living, it is imperative to always tip your servers. Tips can make or break the bank account of your bartender, waiter, hair dresser, nail artist, or doorman, so be sure to always slip the person taking care of you a little extra something. Several famous actors, actresses and musicians are known to be high tippers. Some of these celebrities who leave good tips are doing so in order to reward good service, while others are dedicated to letting their blackjack dealers know that they appreciate them.

Who is the most famous celebrity who is a good tipper? Angelina Jolie tops our list. Angelina Jolie reportedly tipped well after enjoying a meal with her father, Jon Voight. Like his wife Angelina, Brad Pitt is also a good tipper. He reportedly tipped $700 on a $1,000 bill while dining out in Germany.

Johnny Depp is known to be one of the most generous celebrity tippers. He reportedly left a $4,000 tip for his server at Gibson's Steak House in Chicago. Charles Barkley is famous for being a great tipper. He also outed his friends Scottie Pippen and Michael Jordan as being cheap.

Which celebrity high tippers do you think are the most generous? Take a look at this list and share your thoughts in the comments section.