Celebrity Couples With Major Height Differences

Celebrity couples come in all shapes and sizes. Some have a large age gap, while others have a large height difference. In a few cases, there's more than a 10 inch height difference between the two celebs. In fact, the largest height difference couple on this list has a whopping 14 inches between them. That's pretty wild to think about. 

But the height difference couples face doesn't seem to put a strain on their relationships. In fact, many seem to embrace it, and it doesn't keep them from strutting their stuff arm-in-arm on the red carpet. Tall short celebrity couples seem to have an understanding that height isn't everything in a relationship. Often, the big height difference between two celebrities in a couple seems bigger or smaller than it actually is, thanks to sky-high heels and deceptive camera angles. Although, as you see below, sometimes the woman in the relationship is a lot taller than her partner

Here is a list of famous couples who didn't let height be the deciding factor on whether or not to pursue a relationship with each other. These celebrities prove that love knows no height.