Celebrity Kings Fans

Who are the most famous Sacramento Kings fans? To call kings fans dedicated is something of an understatement. The team sells out their arena every single season, due to their rabid fans. Included in the Kings loyal fanbase are some famous faces. Celebrity Kings fans include movie stars, musicians, and business people, all united by their passion for the Sacramento Kings. Who is the most famous Sacramento Kings fan? Which celeb Kings fans do you love to see court side?

When it comes to celebrity Sacramento Kings fans Hasan Minhaj has to be at the top of the list.The Patriot Act TV show creator hails from Davis and has supported the team his whole life.And while they might call Hollywood home, actors Brie Larson and Greta Gerwig cheer on the Sacramento Kings. Other famous figures who are celebrity Sacramento Kings fans include celebs Sasha Grey, Rick Ross, and Aaron Rodgers.

The next time you're watching a Sacramento Kings game, make sure to keep a close eye on the stands. You never know which of these Kings celebrity fans you might spot sporting their Sacramento Kings gear. 


  • Hasan Minhaj
    Photo: Hasan Minhaj / Instagram

    Davis, California's own Hasan Minhaj grew up his entire life as a Kings fan and is such as diehard he once considered becoming 'extreme minority owner' of the team.

  • Sasha Grey
    Photo: sashagrey / instagram

    Hailing from North Highlands in Sacramento County, Grey is a lifelong supporter of the franchise and has been spotted at numerous games over the years.

  • Kevin Johnson
    Photo: Metaweb / GNU Free Documentation License

    The ex-Mayor of Sacramento played in the NBA before entering politics, but as a SacTown native through and through, Johnson's love for his hometown team runs deep. At one point, Johnson helped to deter the basketball team from moving to Anaheim, and, later, to Seattle, Washington.

  • Greta Gerwig
    Photo: Metaweb / CC-BY 2.0

    Sacramento native and Oscar-nominated film director Greta Gerwig shared her pride for her hometown and love for the Kings on an episode of The Bill Simmons Podcast. The Lady Bird director put Sacramento in the spotlight with the city serving as the setting for the film - with many local landmarks featured. When asked about her hometown’s team, Gerwig recalled the vibes around the city during the 2002 NBA Playoffs. 

    “Everybody put [the Kings emblem] up in their window. Everyone was wearing purple every day,” said Gerwig. “That was my senior year of high school and it was a heartbreaker.”

    Gerwig also touched on her optimism for the franchise.

    “The Kings have a new arena now. I think they’re going to turn it around,” said the St. Francis alumni. “I think the Kings are going to surprise everyone.”