Celebrity Knicks Fans

Who are the most famous New York Knicks fans? To call Knicks fans dedicated is something of an understatement. The team sells out Madison Square Garden every single season, due to their rabid fans. Included in the Knicks loyal fanbase are some famous faces. Celebrity Knicks fans include movie stars, musicians, and business people, all united by their passion for the New York Knicks. Who is the most famous New York Knicks fan? Which celeb Knicks fans do you love to see court side?

When it comes to celebrity New York Knicks supporters, Spike Lee must be tops. The Do the Right Thing director has been seen courtside for years. He frequently dresses up in Knicks' orange and blue as he enjoys that game and lets the refs know what he thinks. Several famous comedians are big New York Knicks fans. New Yorkers Jerry Seinfeld and Chris Rock both enjoy taking in a game, as do Jon Stewart, Howard Stern, and Ben Stiller. Some famous women who are Knicks fans include Alicia Keys, Katie Holmes, and Olivia Wilde. They probably even check the New York Knicks Instagram pages as much as you do!

The next time you're watching a New York Knicks game, make sure to keep a close eye on the stands. You never know which of these Knicks celebrity fans you might spot sporting their New York Knicks gear. 

Photo: flickr / CC0