Lipsticks Your Favorite Celebrities Are Obsessed With

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Even if they change things up from time to time, most celebrities have a signature look that comes to mind when you hear their name. Kylie Jenner has become synonymous with big, bold lips. The name Gwyneth Paltrow evokes natural beauty. And, of course, Taylor Swift immediately makes you think of retro-red lipstick.

Often, what lipsticks celebrities are wearing is determined by their personal makeup artist (who are basically celebrities in their own right now) or by a character they play (like Cheryl from Riverdale’s matte red lip). 

So what lipstick does your favorite celeb wear? This list covers all of the most iconic celebrity lipstick colors, from Kim Kardashian’s new glittery go-to, to Kerry Washington’s surprisingly affordable drugstore favorite. 

These signature celeb lipsticks are sure to level up your look to icon-status.