26 Uncanny Celebrity Lookalikes That Are Hard to Believe

They say that somewhere out there in the great wide world, everybody has a doppelgänger. A "doppelgänger" is basically a lookalike. It translates literally from German to mean "double shadow." Some people may never find their doppelgänger, but these people have won the long-lost-twin jackpot: their lookalikes just so happen to be famous celebrities.   

If you've ever been mistaken for someone else by a stranger, you know how weird it feels when a totally random person tells you, "Oh, I'm sorry, I thought you were someone else." But the people who look like celebrities on this list are mistaken for their famous counterparts all the time. These uncanny celebrity doppelgängers submitted side-by-side photographs of themselves to a Reddit thread, and let the Internet decide if they truly looked like their alleged celebrity twin or not. We definitely think they do - some of these lookalikes are eerily similar to a few ultra-famous actors, musicians, comedians, and even cartoons.