Celebrities Who Got Married In 2022

Whether they have a simple ceremony, or something so opulent it's all over the newsstand, there’s nothing quite like celebrities getting married. Now that it's a new year,  it's time to start talking about the celebrities getting married in 2022. This list will catalog all of the recent celebrity marriages of 2022. 

The first of the recent famous marriages in 2022 belongs to Ricki Lake and Ross Burningham. The pair kicked off the new year with a celebrity wedding, tying the knot on January 2, 2022. This list will continue to be updated with celebrity wedding news of 2022, all throughout the year. Perhaps some of the recent Hollywood marriages will even surprise you. 

Which celebrities just got married? This list will include recent celeb marriages, as well as details about the famous relationships, and on some occasions, feature recent wedding pictures of celebrities. Read on to learn about recent celebrity marriages and weddings.

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