Celebrity Mavericks Fans

Who are the most famous Dallas Mavericks fans? To call Mavs fans dedicated is something of an understatement. The team sells out their arena every single season, due to their rabid fans. Included in the Mavericks loyal fanbase are some famous faces. Celebrity Mavericks fans include movie stars, musicians, and reality television moguls, all united by their passion for the Dallas Mavericks. Who is the most famous Dallas Mavericks fan? Which celeb Mavs fans do you love to see court side?

Among the ranks of Dallas Mavericks fans are a pair of NFL quarterbacks past and present. Patrick Mahomes and Tony Romo are spotted regularly among the celebrities at Mavericks games. Romo has even been known to yell at officials when he disagrees with their calls. Entrepreneur Mark Cuban is arguably the biggest fan of them all, since he owns the team. And while they might call Hollywood home, A-List actors Jamie Foxx and George Clooney cheer on the Dallas athletes. Other famous figures who are celebrity Dallas Mavericks fans include rappers 2 Chainz and Post Malone.

The next time you're watching a Dallas Mavericks game, make sure to keep a close eye on the stands. You never know which of these Mavericks celebrity fans you might spot sporting their Mavs gear.