Celebrity Men You Think You Might Have A Shot With

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Looking for a boyfriend? Hollywood has many eligible celebrity bachelors who you might actually have a shot at dating. Since celebrity relationships endure huge media exposure and often nasty, public breakups, some celebs date non-famous people, which bodes good news for you. Celebrity men you have a shot with all come with the perks of fame and a general sense of attractiveness; something about the ability to face the public's criticism every day certainly enhances their charm. These factors, alongside their profession as an actor, musician, or athlete, all play into your decision on which single male celebrities you have a shot with.Which famous men would you date if given the chance?

The more tender-minded folks will likely find their softer sides nurtured by sensitive men like Drake and Tom Hiddleston. If you prefer to play it risky, you can also take your chances with notorious figures like John Mayer, Tyga, or Justin Bieber. In the end, maybe you just want a famous hunk who's got the looks, and Michael B Jordan, Jake Gyllenhaal, or Henry Cavill all fit that bill. In the end, you should probably consider yourself lucky if these men even glanced your way. No offense, but the only time you ever see them is usually on a screen, and love is a two-way street, not a one-way view.

Most divisive: Scott Eastwood
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