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Famous People You Never Thought Would End Up in the Same Pic

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List RulesYou wouldn't expect them to be in the same room, but it sure is cool. Vote up your favorite odd celebrity pairings.

Okay, so it's not that crazy to find a picture of a celebrity. Paparazzi love to shoot those. It's also not unexpected for a celebrity to be hanging out with another celeb. Maybe they were dating, maybe they were in the same movie. But it is weird when a famous person is hanging out with another famous person who comes from an entirely different famous world.

This list looks at the oddest pairings of famous people. Just some cool people hanging out with each other. Take a look at these classic, rare photos of these awesome people and celebrity odd couples. It really makes you wonder what they were doing together. Why was Charlie Chaplin spending time with Albert Einstein? Why was Pelé in the same room as Sylvester Stallone? How do Redd Foxx and Malcolm X even know each other? Check them and more in this awesome list of odd celebrity pairings.
  • If David Bowie and Axl Rose were hanging out today, you'd probably want to leave the room because of sheer obnoxiousness. Actually, that's probably how the photographer felt when she took this picture. Bowie, why do you have to always flip off the camera?! 
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  • When you think of Uma Thurman, you don't often think Mikhail Baryshnikov. Actually, it takes you a few seconds to remember who Baryshnikov is.
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  • Before Ronald Reagan was the president, he was just a lowly Hollywood actor. In his acting days, he dated fellow actor Lana Turner. According to a notable unsubstantiated celebrity gossip site, these two both had the same sign, Aquarius! 
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  • In this photo, Jean-Paul Sartre and Simone De Beauvoir chill with Che Guevara. Just two existentialists hanging out with a revolutionary Marxist. I'm pretty sure they were talking about the previous season of "America's Next Top Model."
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