Celebrity Packer Fans

It's easy to spot a Green Bay Packers fan – just look for the signature cheesehead hat. But look under the foam wedge, and you might spot a famous face. The beloved football franchise boasts a number of celebrities among its fans, from musicians and comedians to actors and athletes. These famous Packer fans line the stands at iconic Lambeau Field during the season and frequently sport the green and gold gear of their team year-round. 

Who is the most famous of the celebrity Packers fans? Self-proclaimed "Green Bay fan forever" Lil Wayne tops the list. The rapper was born in New Orleans, but he became a Packers booster as a teenager after his father attended the 1997 Super Bowl, in which the Packers beat the Patriots. Chris and Kevin Farley were born in Wisconsin, so it should come as no surprise that the funny brothers were often seen among fellow celebrities at Packers games. But cheeseheads aren't only found within the state borders – Boston native Denis Leary has considered himself a Packers fan since childhood, and Maine-born Erin Andrews supports the team as well.

Are the Packers your favorite football team? Read on to discover the stars you might spot cheering alongside you at a future game.