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Famous People Who Died In 2020

Updated 23 Sep 2020 • 2:07pm PDT 93.0k views129 items

Recent celebrity deaths can be quite the macabre Google search. So this list will serve as your reference for celebrities who died in 2020. If you’re wondering about that famous actor who just died, or what famous person died this year, you’ll certainly get the full story here. 

This list will cover actors who recently passed away, as well as other celebrity deaths, such as that of legendary New York Yankees pitcher Don Larsen. Larsen is one of the first celebrities who died in 2020. However, this list of recent deaths will continue throughout the year, like an ongoing written version of an award show's "In Memoriam" video, featuring what famous people died this year. You may be surprised by the celebs who died, and perhaps even a little broken-hearted. 

Check back for recent famous deaths, and all of the other celebrity deaths of 2020. 

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