Celebrity Patriot Fans 

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Updated June 14, 2019 9.5k views 19 items

The New England Patriots have some superstar football players on their roster, so it's no surprise that celebrity Patriot fans flock to their games as well. Scan the stands and boxes at the team's home field, Gillette Stadium, and you might see famous New England fans known for their contributions to music, film, and television. When it comes to sports-loving celebrities, Patriots fans include more than a few.

Which celebrity Patriots fan tops the list? It's no surprise that the number one spot goes to Gisele Bündchen, the fashionable wife of New England Patriots quarterback Tom Brady. The supermodel is often spotted among other celebrities at Patriots games, usually wearing a runway-ready version of the team colors. She is occasionally joined by recognizable faces including siblings Ben and Casey Affleck – the Boston natives are also famous Patriot fans. Fellow Bostonian Mark Wahlberg is a lifelong New England fan as well. The Boogie Nights actor frequently praises Brady and the entire team on Twitter and in interviews.

So even if you already know some famous Patriots, New England fans may surprise you. Keep reading to discover more celebrity New England Patriot fans you could spot on the 50 yard line.