Celebrity Pelicans Fans

Who are the most famous New Orleans Pelicans fans? To call Pelicans fans dedicated is something of an understatement. The team sells out their arena every single season, due to their rabid fans. Included in the Pelicans loyal fanbase are some famous faces. Celebrity Pelicans fans include movie stars, musicians, and business people, all united by their passion for the New Orleans Pelicans. Who is the most famous New Orleans Pelicans fan? Which celeb Pelicans fans do you love to see court side?

Among the ranks of New Orleans Pelicans fans are a cadre of local rap legends. Lil' Wayne, Juvenile, Birdman, Curren$y, and Mannie Fresh are all spotted regularly among the celebrities at Pelicans games. The musical artists have been known to perform halftime shows together as well. And while they might call Hollywood home, actors Wendell Pierce and Anthony Mackie cheer on New Orleans athletes. Other famous figures who are celebrity New Orleans Pelicans fans include celebs Win Butler and England international footballer Mason Mount.

The next time you're watching a New Orleans Pelicans game, make sure to keep a close eye on the stands. You never know which of these Pelicans celebrity fans you might spot sporting their New Orleans Pelicans gear. 

  • Lil Wayne is one of New Orleans' greatest native sons. While Weezy's sports loyalties can be described as tenuous at best, the has shown his fair amount of love to the franchise since the beginning. 

  • Anthony Mackie is perhaps the New Orleans Pelicans highest profile outspoken supporter, often tweeting about games. The Hollywood A-Lister has even gone so far as to compare Pelicans star forward Zion Williamson to his own Marvel teammate, The Hulk. 

  • Cameron Jordan

    Cameron Jordan
    Photo: New Orleans Pelicans / Instagram

    For a dozen years, Jordan's anchored the defensive line for the New Orleans Saints. Throughout his long tenure in the NFL, the defensive end has been a staple courtside at Pelicans games and is a friend of many of the team's players. 

  • Juvenile

    Photo: New Orleans Pelicans / Instagram

    Terius Gray, better known by his stage name Juvenile, has been a part of Cash Money Records since his days as member of the Hot Boys. Which means one thing - he's a staple of New Orleans culture. Juvenile is often found sitting courtside, or even performing halftime shows with the likes of Mannie Fresh, Birdman, and others in Cash Money's deep stable of talent.

  • Wendell Pierce
    Photo: PelicansNBA / Twitter

    You know him as Bunk Moreland. You know him as Antoine Batiste. You may even know him as Willy Loman. The Hollywood actor and New Orleans native has long been a supporter of the Pelicans, sitting courtside with many of the franchise's upper crust. 

  • Mason Mount
    Photo: Mason Mount / Instagram

    For those unfamiliar, Mason Mount is a midfielder for one of the top soccer teams in the world, Chelsea, as well as England's national team. Mount originally picked the Pelicans as his NBA team because of their youthful exuberance and underdog appeal.