Graveyard Shift 32 Celebrities Who Have Insane Phobias  

Matthew Cole Weiss
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What are you afraid of? The dark? Failure? Death? Well, you'll feel a hundred times better about yourself when you see some of the strange phobias that celebrities suffer from. Famous people might seem fearless on the red carpet, or even write songs about it (like Taylor Swift did), but in reality, they're giant scardey cats with common, and even not so common fears, just like you. What's Taylor Swift afraid of? Would you believe it's just an innocent sea creature? Come, on Swiftie, the ocean is cool!

You probably had no idea most of these fears existed. For instance, did you know there's staurophobia (fear of crosses), chionophobia (fear of snow), dishabiliophobia (fear of undressing in front of someone), gnosiophobia (fear of knowledge), or even lutraphobia (fear of otters)? Though these probably don't jump to mind as top phobias not would they likely make a list of common phobias, they're super real and there might just be a famous Hollywood celebrity who suffers from them!

Add the idea of being a "celebrity" into the mix, and you end up with some genuine insanity. But which one do you think is the strangest?! Vote up the weirdest celebrity phobias below and learn something new about these famous actors, singers, and personalities. 
Christina Ricci is listed (or ranked) 1 on the list 32 Celebrities Who Have Insane Phobias
Photo:  David Shankbone/Wikimedia Commons/CC BY-SA 3.0

Ricci has "botanophobia" which is the fear of indoor houseplants. Ricci admitted to the New York Daily News that indoor houseplants disturb her, as do swimming pools ("natatiophobia"), and that touching a dirty houseplant is like torture.

Source: NY Daily News

Age: 39

Birthplace: Santa Monica, California, United States of America

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Megan Fox is listed (or ranked) 2 on the list 32 Celebrities Who Have Insane Phobias
Photo:  nicolas genin/Wikimedia Commons/CC BY-SA 2.0

On an episode of The Tonight Show, Fox told host Jimmy Fallon that she hates and fears dry paper. The beauty confessed that when she reads scripts, she keeps a cup of water by her side, so that she can dip her fingers in before turning the page.   

Source: Just Jared

Age: 32

Birthplace: Oak Ridge, Tennessee, United States of America

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Ellen Page is listed (or ranked) 3 on the list 32 Celebrities Who Have Insane Phobias
Photo:  Josh Jensen/Wikimedia Commons/CC BY-SA 2.0
This is a super strange fear for a super strange girl. Juno star Ellen Page is petrified of tennis balls. During an interview with Seth Meyers, she discussed her fear, which is so strong that she says she has to leave the room if tennis ever comes on the television.

Age: 31

Birthplace: Halifax, Halifax Regional Municipality, Canada

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Alfred Hitchcock is listed (or ranked) 4 on the list 32 Celebrities Who Have Insane Phobias
Photo:  skeeze/Pixabay/Public Domain

He may be long gone, but Alfred Hitchcock was weird to his very last breath. The famous director was afraid of eggs ("ovophobia") and once told a reporter "have you ever seen anything more revolting than an egg yolk breaking and spilling its yellow liquid?" Hitchcock preferred the sight of blood to egg!    
Source: Telegraph

Age: Dec. at 81 (1899-1980)

Birthplace: Leytonstone, London, United Kingdom

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