Celebrity Pictures That Fetched a Ton of Money from Tabloids

Beside your family and friends, there probably aren't too many people who are dying to see pictures of your awesome wedding or brand new baby. But the same cannot be said for celebrities. Since tabloid photos can go for hundreds of thousands of dollars, may stars have wised up and become part of the money-making picture machine. Instead of fighting the photographers who are clamoring to get a shot, these celebs are selling exclusive first pics to magazines rich enough to afford them.

Expensive celebrity photos are the bread and butter of many celebrity gossip rags. In fact, big name stars like George Clooney, Brad Pitt, and Demi Moore are all celebrities who have sold their photos to tabloids. Most take the pay-day and walk away, but some very good-hearted stars (like Angelina Jolie) use the money to fund good causes.

No matter what the money is ultimately used for, the cost of celebrity tabloid photos seems to be going up. Brangelina took home an estimated $20 million for photos of their exclusive wedding. If they have or adopt another baby, they're almost guaranteed to be able to bring home over eight figures. Other celebs who have profited off of their cute family additions include Jessica Alba, Matthew McConaughey,  and Nicole Richie. 

You photos may get dozens of likes on Instagram, but only these celebs can say that their pictures actually made them rich(er). Check out the numbers here.