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Celebrity Piston Fans

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Detroit sports teams boast scores of celebrity fans, and the Pistons are no exception. The courtside seats at The Palace of Auburn Hills have been filled by famous musicians, television and film actors, and even groundbreaking politicians. But while these famous Detroit fans are lauded for very different reasons, they all share common ground as proud supporters of their favorite basketball team.

Among celebrity Pistons fans, Eminem might just be the most famous. The Detroit-born rapper supports the Pistons by sporting their jerseys and attending games, and he also appeared in an ad for the team in 2015. The following year, Eminem campaigned for Pistons player Andre Drummond to become an all-star starter. Fellow Detroit native and musician Bob Seger has been spotted among the celebrities at Pistons games as well. Kid Rock is a big supporter of all Detroit sports teams, including the Pistons. In 2016, he made a fan's dream come true when he invited him and his family to join him at a game.

Perhaps the most surprising figure on this list is Nelson Mandela. The politician and activist visited Detroit in 1990 and spoke at old Tiger Stadium. Detroit players Isiah Thomas and John Salley gifted Mandela a Pistons hat and jacket, which he donned to walk through the city.

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