Celebrity Death Pool 2017

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Vote up the famous people you think will die in 2017.

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Celebrity death pool 2017: Here's a huge list of celebrities who just might die this year. They say the only two certainties in life are death and taxes, but even so, taxes are somehow avoided by the rich and powerful. This celebrity death watch list is where you make your predictions about which stars will die in 2017. Who's getting old? Who's sick or dying? Who's addicted to drugs and parties and youthful recklessness? These are the people whose deaths would be the least surprising in 2017, and if they make it through the year, likely won't survive the 2018 celebrity death pool.

It might a bit morbid predicting celebrity deaths for 2017, but it's just one way to cope with the unavoidable yet natural end. Also, this celebrity death pool might help fans prepare when that tragic famous death happens. Every year, we lose celebs to that special place in the clouds, and the celebrity dead pool is where you predict when it's going to happen for some! With 2017 dead celebrities, there's not only those who've had a long life and are nearing the end of it, there are also a lot of people who are not celebrities near death, but appear to be wanting to drive to it a little earlier than usual. 

So take a look at this death pool game and vote up the famous people, notable political figures, and big Hollywood names you think are most likely to die in 2017. If a celebrity just died, the list will be updated with all recently deceased celebs. Also, feel free to add any other famous folks you think might be close to a celeb death.

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