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List Rules Celebrities pregnant between January and December of 2014.

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Celebrity pregnancies 2014 includes all of the most famous Hollywood starlets, models, star athletes, singers, and more who were expecting babies during the year. Which celebs are expecting babies in 2014? Find out right here, and expect this list to grow greatly as the months fly by. You can also find out which celebs gave birth by checking out this list of 2014 celebrity babies.

If 2013's celebrity pregnancy baby boom is any indication, expect a ton of famous people to announce pregnancies in 2014. Can anything top the Kim Kardashian pregnancy from 2013? We'll see! Kim's baby bump was one of the most famous bumps in Hollywood, and rightly so, but at some point, another celebrity baby bump will be even more watched (especially if the celeb is expecting twins!). And, of course, if any royal, particularly Kate Middleton, gets pregnant, she immediately generates huge headlines.

Here's the bottom line: If an A-lister gets pregnant, expect her to land on this list immediately, and with her due date information, if it's known (some celeb women still keep mum on their due dates, of course). And, if they decide to give their instantly famous child a bizarre name, that child will land on this hilarious list of the most ridiculous celebrity baby names.

Jessica Biel is listed (or ranked) 1 on the list Celebrity Pregnancies 2014
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10/29/2014 - After months of swirling rumors, confirmed that Jessica Biel is pregnant. It will be the first child for Biel, 32, and her husband Justin Timberlake, 33. The couple was married in 2012.

Said the source, "Jessica is at least three months pregnant and she's due in April!"

Age: 36

Birthplace: Ely, Minnesota, United States of America

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Angela Unkrich
Ângela Ribeiro is listed (or ranked) 2 on the list Celebrity Pregnancies 2014
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10/27/2014 - Angela Unkrich is pregnant with her second child. Her husband, Alfonso Ribeiro announced the news on Dancing with the Stars - he is a contestant on the show's 19th season. The Fresh Prince of Bel-Air star and his wife are already parents to a son, Alfonso Lincoln Ribeiro, Jr., and Alfonso has a daughter, Sienna, from a previous relationship.

Angela is already well along in her pregnancy, however they do not yet know the sex of the baby. Alfonso said, "We're super excited and waiting to find out, we're going to see if we're going to find out or not, the sex. It's going to be springtime, springtime baby."

Michelle Clunie is listed (or ranked) 3 on the list Celebrity Pregnancies 2014
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10/23/2014 - Michelle Clunie, an actress known for her work on Queer as Folk, is pregnant. She is having a child with her longtime friend and producer of the X-Men films, Bryan singer. It had been rumored that Singer, who is bisexual, had enlisted Clunie as a surrogate, but the pair plans to raise the child together, with Singer covering the child and Clunie's living expenses.


Age: 49

Birthplace: Oregon, USA, Portland

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Cat Cavelli
Cat Cavelli is listed (or ranked) 4 on the list Celebrity Pregnancies 2014
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10/16/2014 - Jude Law, 41, announced that he will become a father for the fifth time, as singer-songwriter Cat Cavelli, 23, is pregnant. The pair struck up a romance on location in the Czech Republic, where Law was shooting a film.

The couple has since separated, but Cavelli is reportedly "delighted" to become a mother.