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The Best Celebrity Retirement Beards

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What's the best part of retirement? Growing out the retirement beard. Well, at least that's what the celebrities on this list of the best celebrity retirement beards would say! A number of male actors, talk show hosts, and athletes have taken time after retiring (or in a few cases, being ousted) from their main gigs to grow out a mountain man retirement beard. But who has played the retirement facial hair game the best?

There's something so nice about retiring or taking a break from the silver screen - you don't really need to pay too much attention to being well groomed. It seems that at some point every famous man has let his chin blanket grow. Is it because it's cold? Maybe. For Mo-vember? Maybe. Because they're taking a break, enjoying some well-deserved time off? Most likely.

Regardless of the reasons behind the face fleece, we love all of the famous men who grew beards, including everyone from late night hosts David Letterman and Jon Stewart to soccer player David Beckham. As these celebrities with retirement beards prove, there's no better way to keep your face warm. 

It's time to scroll through the celebrity retirement beard pictures below and upvote the guys who are making the most of their facial hair during retirement.